The little guy is due in just 7 weeks, and my single priority these days is getting the house ready for him!  I am fighting extreme fatigue — my best guess is that it’s a combination of boredom, the 95-degree heat, and simply being 8 months pregnant.


Last night husband and I put the crib together.  It was challenging!

…challenging because this crib was mine when I was a baby.  Despite reading warnings on various websites to never use a crib manufactured before 1992, we are hopeful that this family heirloom will work out for our baby.


The Sesame Street Beginnings bedding set shown above is from

You can also see husband’s computer desk visible in this photo.  He will soon be moving into the breakfast nook, sharing the “office” space with me, as our second bedroom is rapidly becoming the baby’s room, and no longer his place to work.


This is my desk, soon to be reorganized and inhabited by two people.

Our breakfast nook/office