The first 24 hours after baby was born, a lot of pressure was put on me to feed him, and it just wasn’t happening.  He wouldn’t open his mouth.  He would just sleep.  No colostrum was squeezing out, no matter how hard the hospital nurses grabbed my nipples and pinched.  So, they handed me a nipple shield and wheeled in a hospital grade pump to get things going.  This was at the insistence of my pediatrician, actually.  The nurses, I’m sure, would have just kept pinching me.

Eleven days later, these chesties are leaking pretty regularly.  I look down and, whoops!  Sometimes I wet the front of baby’s onesie.  😛  I am so thankful to have a double electric breast pump of my own.  I purchased the Playtex Embrace at Babies R Us, after reading a few online reviews.  Not only did it run $79 less than the popular Medela model, but I love the flexible silicone cups.  They are so much less “ouchy” than the hard plastic cups that came with the hospital’s pump (also Medela).

Many books/websites recommend that you do not introduce a bottle until your baby has been nursing for at least 4 weeks, but I just couldn’t wait that long.  I like being able to sleep a few hours after dinner and have hubby give Little Guy is 10:00pm feeding.  This way, waking up throughout the night to feed and change diapers is a lot more manageable.

These are also proving very useful during diaper changes, since I have a little boy.  ‘Nuff said.