My baby boy is actually asleep in his bassinet, and it’s well before 1:30am!!  This is a milestone, ladies and gents!  It’s 7:30pm and he’s snoozing like a little bug in a rug.  Thus, I may be in for an unlucky surprise tantrum an hour from now, just as I am about to put a nice home cooked meal in my belly.  Ahh, such is life.


I have been meaning to blog for about a week now, but many things have pre-empted me.  The biggest challenge thus far in my mommy life has been a series of All-Nighters pulled by my husband.  My getting up several times a night with the baby is nothing new, but my hubby went back to work on Sept 2nd, and since then has been slammed with assignments and deadlines.  Say G’bye to that extra set of hands!  ‘Hope you enjoyed your paternity leave, now back to the grind’, they seem to chirp, placing nothing short of an insane demand on him and his lovely work ethic.  He is, after all, supporting all three of us with his one job, but I couldn’t help but whine and moan when he did not come home from work until very very late on Tuesday.  Tuesday was the very definition of ridiculous…He left for the office at 9:00am and did not come home again until 5:30am the next morning.  What is that, a TWENTY hour day??

On a positive note, Daddy and baby spend a blissful 45 minutes each morning co-sleeping.  This is when I make coffee, check my myspace, read blogs, etc.  I do my best to never have the little guy in the family bed for more than an hour or so, but he seems to love being nuzzled up against his father.  Isn’t this adorable?