On the 14th of each month, I’m going to have a little mini celebration, in my own way.  I may even get one of those photo frames with window for each month of the first year.  I can’t believe it has been 30 days since I pushed this little dude out of me.  Month One — done!

Also, my friend Jenn Z had her baby yesterday!  He is apparently a redhead, like her.  Lucky gal.  My hubby is a redhead, but combined with my half-Asian DNA, Little Guy is more auburn-haired, and may just be a brunette (see above).  Who knows at this point?  Here I am with Jenn at her baby shower in July.

I’m sure it will be a few weeks before we’ll be able to visit, but I foresee many a play-date with our two sons in the coming months.  Hooray, someone to hang with who’ll also have spit up on her shirt and the convenient ponytail hairdo.