I might be stealing the idea a bit from Pregtastic, but I want to blog occasionally with two ups and two downs.

I often feel like “sharing” when I like or dislike something.  This must be why I blog.  Thus, when I wade through the thick soup that is my mommy-brain, I have a sort of short list to report of what is cool and what sucks, according to this mammal.

THUMBS UPAlternative Gifts International — I received a gift of Sterile Supplies & Midwife Training for a woman in need in Africa, from my wonderful friend, Mike.  What a nifty idea, considering that I am up to my ears in cute 3-6 mos onesies!  The custom greeting card included an insert that reads:

“Each Safe Motherhood Kit contains plastic sheeting to lie on during birth; bar soap and washcloth; sterile gloves; sterile gauze squares; sterile umbilical tape and a blade; and baby items (blanket, knit cap, and tunic, which are critical to preemies, even in warm climates).”

THUMBS UP: Shush Application for iPhone or iPod TouchRed Sweater has created an app (and blogged about it) where you can simply press a button to start/stop white noise on your iPhone, to calm your baby!  Daniel writes:

“It’s easy enough to make a shushing noise with your mouth, but it gets tiring, and can be hard to sustain. I almost always have my iPhone with me, so it’s great to know that if a serious, full-blown fussy tantrum is taking place, I’ve got a little technological help in my pocket. How well the app will do among the general public is anybody’s guess, but I’m sure there will be at least a few jubilant parents out there who find this as useful as I do.”

Too bad I don’t yet own an iPhone.

THUMBS DOWN: SwaddleMe Wraps by Kiddopotamus — Now, I know I’m not the only mom who finds this product a bust.  Sara mentions them in her blog, under take it or leave it items, and I concur.  My baby just won’t abide having his arms pinned down, no way no how!  I think I’ll send the wraps on to another new mom to try.  I’ve got two of ’em.

THUMBS DOWN: The Simplicity Scandal — Yes, I own a Simplicity Bassinet.  And as you probably have read, Simplicity bassinets and cribs are bad news.  The model number on my bassinet was not included in the recent recall, so my baby still sleeps in his.  And we have NEVER taken down the side for any reason, so hubby and I feel okay about keeping the item, which we purchased on Amazon.com.  Click here  and here to be thoroughly disturbed.  I am currently shopping for a cool, yet safe crib that converts into a toddler bed.  Your recommendations are appreciated.