For the past week, I have been reading up a storm.  I went to the Pasadena Public Library and checked out 8 books on infant sleep, parenting, and post-natal health.  When my husband got home, he remarked, “I used to do that…I’d take out way more books than I could possibly read in 3 weeks.”  I guess it’s an eyes-bigger-than-my-stomach thing, but I’m trying to at least crack open all eight of them to see which ones are worth renewing or buying used on

Reading about babies, both online and in books, is beneficial but can be hugely detrimental to your confidence.  Suddenly, the more you may have read about what “experts say”, the more paranoia you develop about whether or not what you are doing is normal, and if your baby is “doing okay”.  It’s a mommy’s hypochondria.  For example, strangers and friends alike were asking me “Is he sleeping through the night?”  This is a common, and quite frankly, BONEHEAD question to ask the mother of a 7 week old.  Sometimes I would say ‘yes’ just to put that conversation to rest.  No pun intended.  Sometimes I would very seriously reply, “He sleeps.”  What the hell do you people expect?

Yet, suddenly I am obsessed with creating a successful bedtime schedule for Little Guy.  I am reading up on the subject in order to avoid mistakes, or wait until it’s “too late”.  Whatever that means.

Back when I was only 4 months pregnant, a friend from acting class suggested the Babywise books by Gary Ezzo.  She swore they helped her THREE babies sleep through the night.  Of course, after 7 weeks of feeding my son every 3 hours, and therefore NO, not sleeping through the night, this sounded delicious.  But I had also heard a podcast where a woman reported that the Babywise system caused her daughter to fail to thrive.  Can you see how the paranoia and anxiety might creep in?

his onesie says "what happens in the diaper stays in the diaper"

My son loves to sleep in his swing.  And I mean LOVES.  Now I am attempting to get him to LIKE to sleep in his bassinet, and later, in his crib.  This is a mission that is purely mine.  Where and how he sleeps matters to no one else in the whole wide world, other than me.  

This is how I know I’m his mom.  

I have eighteen years of rule-setting ahead of me.  I have every intention of being the kind of parent who is neither a peer, nor a nazi.  I also want to look back and say that I had my own life, my hobbies and career goals, and was thoroughly Laid Back about the whole thing.  Ha.  Meanwhile, I’m carrying a stack of books around like Hermione Granger.  See you at the library!