Damn hormones. I’m nursing Little Guy this morning and I flip on the Today show. There is Olympic Figure Skater Emily Hughes getting ready to skate on the ice at Rockefeller Center (I love New York City and I hate that I’m not able to fly there right now). She tells Meredith that she is grateful to her mom for always being there to support her. Cut to shot of Mom smiling on the sidelines. Awww. Lately, things like this have me deeply moved! Then she proceeds to skate to Celine Dion’s “Taking Chances” and big fat tears stream down my neck.

Video: Emily Hughes skates in the Plaza Video

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First, I think of the commercials last season for The Biggest Loser which used this same song. God, I love watching people lose tons of weight and have visible self-esteem on television. It is just the best sh*& ever. Then, I watch this young woman skating to the uplifting tune and think of all the COUNTLESS mornings on the ice, training for the Olympics. How her mother has sacrificed years, and years. So crap, I was crying. My husband didn’t laugh at me though. Bless his heart.