“Country air means zilch to me.

I don’t breathe nothin’ I can’t see…”

      –lyrics from City Lights, from the musical “The Act”


Southern California has been dry and windy, and unfortunately hit with forest fires again.  The first big one was in Montecito, California, a beautiful place with many expensive homes.  It seems that now there is another fire near enough to where I live, that the air is hazy and there are bits of ash afloat.  It’s awful, and it ruins any chance of pushing the baby around the neighborhood in his stroller.  I tried to go once around the block just now, and felt my asthma start to flare up for the first time in months.  I used my hooter-hider to drape over the stroller as the baby snoozed, but it was just too disgusting out, and I took him back in.  He’s going to have to soothe himself to nap time some other way.

Ahhhh, it seems to be that nifty swing, yet again.  Sweet dreams, Little Guy!

Yahoo News article on Southern CA fires