“I believe that children are our future…”

No need to continue those lyrics, right?  We all know them.  Still, if one needed to find them, all he or she has to do is google “lyrics” and find numerous websites where people have listed them for the benefit of the public.  I have done this for a certain Amy Winehouse song.

The internet is, I declare, GLORIOUS, but also a place to be wary.  My child is 3 months old and doesn’t yet know his own name.  Will he someday have a facebook account?????  You bet.  Perhaps it will be part of his in-the-car-handheld-gaming-system.  I shudder.

This article from Mashable reiterates my reasons for keeping Little Guy’s given name off my blog.  

5 Ways Social Media Will Change Recorded History

I love to share my thoughts via the blogosphere, and my photos with friends and family who tell me they enjoy them.  I don’t, however, wish to put too much information out there.  My father has had a career in Network Operations for over 15 years, and he freaked out when I first showed him my myspace page.  He could not believe how “freely” I was sharing my IP address with the world.  Ummm, well why not?  This is the way it is, I had to explain to him.

Privacy is becoming less and less important to those of us who enjoy posting photos, tagging, sending email forwards, signing up for online contests, creating avatars, etc.  It seems worth it to keep in touch with people who we never see face to face, right?  And if one feels that they are safe from being photographed with a doobie hanging out of their mouth, and later tagged on someone’s social networking page, then why fear the job interview?  Somehow I think there’s a very good reason.

It’s just too early to tell what that reason is.  So, “teach them well and let them lead the way.”