It’s nearly Christmas, and WHO HAS TIME TO BLOG?  Not me.  I get sucked in to reading other blogs some mornings, or I am hurriedly emptying my email inbox, or sorting through crap that has accumulated on my desktop.  I like neat organized folders.  If only the real world had “drag and drop” with the click of my finger.  I am convinced I’d be much less cluttered…or rather, my HOME would be much less cluttered.  Can I just say how my home and I have become synonymous ever since I had the baby?  Holy moly, who has this career-minded college nerd become?  More on that in a future post.  Seriously.

Little J turns 4 months old TOMORROW and his sleep patterns have vastly improved.  I still enforce a 10:00pm bedtime, and have found that the more mellow the hours leading up to 10:00pm are, the easier it is to get him to go to sleep, without a battle, in his crib.  Doesn’t this make perfect sense?  No sarcasm here.  I truly mean that if one just stays at home, maybe watching an hour of prime-time, and then chills out with a book or a singsong in the baby’s room every evening, all will be awesome for both baby and mom.  You  know, most of the time it will.  🙂  Heh heh.  For my readers who have yet to become mommies, this is a warning that your fun nights out are going to all but disappear in favor of beautiful, angelic sleep.  I know you’re thinking, “Well duh, Kath.  You basically have no life when you have a baby.”  Is it possible that life becomes equally thrilling, just with completely different components?  Perhaps.  I do miss adult conversation a great deal.

For the past week or two, Little J has been refusing a bottle.  I pump da’ breast milk, and he chews on the rubber nipple and sort of looks at me amusedly.  ‘Ha ha, Mom, you really think I’m going to take this when I know you’ve got the fresh stuff in there?’  It doesn’t get any better with Daddy feeding him, or babysitters either.  Seems to be a phase of “bottle striking”, if you will.  When I imagine it lasting FOREVER, I feel disappointed.  Then I have to count my blessings that this is my only problem.  My son loves to nurse.  God, what a tragedy!  Still, I have to continue the no-drinking thing.  Oh, maybe a glass of wine once in a while, but we are talking about a girl who made such good friends with wine that she considered it an actual friend.  Like Mr. Snuffalupagus.

My friend Jenn asked what kind of bottles I recommend, and I have no complaints about the Playtex Drop In system.  The little liners can be a bit wasteful, but the way they collapse seems to make it easy for the baby to suck, without bubbles or resistance.  I also have a set of the MAM brand bottles (with no BPA, whoooo!) and they are so cute.  Bottle attractiveness really is a non-issue though.  What kind do all of you recommend and why?