After ending a pre-birthday phone call to my sister in NYC, I sat down to eat a turkey sandwich and read Cookie Magazine.  I have not spoken to anyone in nearly an hour, which feels strange and zen-like.  The sandwich came from an Italian deli on Alameda Avenue which I have driven past hundreds of times, but never stopped in.  Little J and I strollered down towards the CVS Pharmacy, but we never made it that far because my stomach was telling me it was time for lunch –eat plenty to keep that milk supply up!!  The deli beckoned, and let me tell you they’re pickles are delicious!  I also feel proud to have patronized a non-chain restaurant in these times of recession.

Here is the kick-ass stroller I am proud to be pushing around Glendale.


The Peg Perego P3 Stroller (2007 model) in Crystal Blue

This stroller is, in a word, SMOOTH and has a great hood to protect baby from the sun!  I purchased the stroller after I realized that my Graco infant frame with its tiny wheels wasn’t cutting it around our neighborhood sidewalk bumps.  I was jealous of my neighbor’s stroller, which reclines all the way to flat.  Now my Peg Perego goes almost all the way down, too!  Afternoon naps in the fresh air are a breeze.  Pun intended.