Thanks to my friend, Kristen and her comment, I was curious about Ms. Tori Spelling’s “struggle” with finding the right preschool for Liam. I landed on her blog at, where she echoes those earnest thoughts we all have:

We also started looking for pre schools for Liam. Which, totally freaks me out. He’s growing up way too fast. When he was born everyone told me they grow up too fast. Well, I’m officially a believer. I want him to stay my little man forever… but be well educated. The whole process is a bit overwhelming.

I don’t want to make the wrong decision. A decision that affects his mental and emotional growth. But, sometimes I’m too hard on myself and I have to remember that as parents all we can do is give them unconditional love and support and watch them flourish.

You know what would freak me out?  If I grew up knowing that there was a cable show chronicling my entire babyhood.  That goes double for you, Gosselin Family.  I hope all eight of you get into Brown or Harvard someday and pay for it with the moolah TLC is forking over.  That would be the only consolation for me, if I was poor Maddy, and thousands of viewers across America thought I was a pill.  Oh, you mean I can get it on DVD, too??


Here is a cool blog entry at The Tranquil Parent about how parents can make good use of those 20 minutes of naptime.  I quite liked it.  Enjoy!