Today I am so grateful for all the things that have landed on my plate.

Each and every day on this Earth is a gift.

From the basic things like the clothes on my back and the roof over my head…

       To the way that my baby laughs at the ceiling fan, and the fact that my husband likes to cook.

I auditioned for a musical last week, and was called back for the same role I played three years ago, with the same director.  I thought it would be a great, no-pressure way to get back into the theater scene after taking more than a year off to be pregnant and get the hang of motherhood.  But my phone, it did not ring last night.  It seems the show has been cast already.  And I am trudging around in the muck that is an actor’s rejection.  It’s so stupid to dwell on parts you don’t get.  When we train to become performers, they teach us to keep busy, have a thick skin, and surf the momentum of all the “work” you are doing, making a great career for yourself —  seeking new opportunities, having fun and making connections.  Booking jobs is just icing on the cake.  This is a challenge for any artist.  Stay humble always, but secretly dream of the glory.

And at the end of the day — any day like today, for instance — there is nothing more important than smiling and thanking the fates for your life.  For the whole damn journey.  I put Little J down for a nap and he sleeps the beautiful sleep that makes me think, “This kid is a miracle.”  No matter how you slice it, I am doing really, really, really well right now.