Here’s another thing to be grateful for:

Health and Dental Insurance!!

That’s right friends, I had two cavities filled today.  I think the part I hate the most is the big fat lip you have as you walk out the door, but thank goodness I could afford to have the drilling done.  Good ‘ol pregnancy seems to affect your body’s ability to fight decay in your mouth.  Something about the excess progesterone causes more plaque and even gingivitis!  Yup, I’m pretty sure I had the gingivitis for sure.

While I was big and round, my buddy and I were in a movie called “Fencewalker”, which is still in post production (and will apparently star Katie Cassidy.)  We are one of four couples in a lamaze class gone horribly spastic.  🙂  No big deal, really.  We were just glorified extras.  One of the other pregnant women on set was such a card.  I forget her name, but let’s call her Lola.  Lola would not shut up about her sister being a contestant on Deal or No Deal, and went on about getting an interview to be on the show herself.  She explained that you just have to be SUPER enthusiastic, and Lola was.  She also was big on the Bradley Method because, get this —

She had no health insurance.  It was not that she wanted to go all natural with her birth out of some philosophical drug-free attitude.  No, it was pure cheapness.  Lola was due about 2 weeks after I was, and as we sucked down some delicious buffet-style lunch from Craft Services, she told me that she had no car, no job, and no health insurance, so she planned on making her hospital visit as cheap as possible when the baby was to arrive.

“I mean, do you know how much epidurals cost?!?!” Lola asked me.  I looked at my friend (who was playing my husband for the day) with that incredulous glare that can only mean O – M – G.  I can tell you right now that our hospital billed the insurance company for no less than $25,000 for my 3 day stay.  And I didn’t have an epidural either.


My family

My family



And on the subject of health and dental, Little J has cut his first tooth!!  Hooray, it’s so cute to feel the sharp bit in his mouth with my finger.  He has been a tiny bit sleepless these last few nights, and I suspect it’s going to get worse, but I love watching him grow.  Oh, and I caught him rolling from front to back this morning.  I applauded with glee and he smiled back.  Rolling just ain’t his thing but I know he is capable of it.

Please comment.  I want to hear how mommyhood/pregnancy is treating you!