“Your mom goes to college” is just a classic quote from Napoleon Dynamite that popped into my head as I was starting this post. If you can’t quote the movie yet, you just might need to get with the program.  Netflix, people.
Right now, my sock drawer is wide open. There are video camera cables on the floor of the bedroom. Clutter slowly threatens to overtake me, but I choose to blog instead. Briefly.
The baby (now officially 6 1/2 months) is taking 3 naps a day, and the teething seems to be affecting his moods. At bedtime, I rock him and sing to him until his eyes are closed. Now it seems I have to do the same if I want him to nap! I started to wonder how many minutes a day I spend rocking and soothing. Perhaps the Cry-It-Out method is due for a revisit? Not when all I hear are little yelps and whines that just might mean “Oww, I am teething…and have gas to boot!”
Someday I’ll get the hang of it.