When I was born in 1979, my mom stayed home to raise me.  Throughout school she was always a phone call away in case I needed her.  Now, I revisit those years, sorta.  I was cast in a Disney review musical in my hometown — a five-week commitment!  So, a week ago I packed the car up, baby included, and am living in Northern California, in my old home.  My dusty old bedroom still houses some of the furniture I used as a child.  Little J sleeps in a pack and play, and I rehearse intensively most evenings and weekends.  I am so lucky to have my parents to babysit for the few hours I am at the theater.  I miss my husband a great deal, but we have spent time apart before.  This situation is different, though, because I am a parent.  If it were any longer than five weeks, I couldn’t bear to separate my son from his dad.  But, the flip side is that Little J gets to bond a bit with his grandparents.  And now, I see my mom every day, which is strange.

My room is full of old belongings from the girlhood days — Papers, jewelry, toys.  It’s ALL in my way.  I want to get rid of it and move forward into the world of my new baby!  So, I had to smile when I came upon this photo from Wise Craft:

Little Girl Organizing from WiseCraft

My sister and I had those little toy animals!  What were they called?  Help!  I bet if I went through enough boxes around here, I’d actually find some.