Let it be said that today I did my very best.
I went unshowered, wearing a silk scarf over my bad-hair, to Whole Foods where I bought organic snacks and soy yogurt for my son (I usually don’t go for the pricey good baby fare.) I also got myself a little lunch at the hot food bar, which i ate while entertaining him outside the store, at a shady picnic table. I smiled and made faces. He wanted to be picked up. I obliged him. Putting him down for his nap at home later was a challenge. And it seems we both survived.
I marvel at the fact that I am a mother just about every other day. It seems just yesterday that I was a college student working at Crate and Barrel in San Diego, and nursing myself through a winter flu bug, wishing with all my heart that my own mommy was close enough that she could bring me juice, kiss me and rub my back while I laid in bed. Basically, I have only begun to know how to care for myself, and suddenly eight years have passed. I have a spouse and my own little one to rock-a-bye.

Ladies and gentlemen, I officially miss the Graco Infant Carseat!!! I bought Little J a big-boy seat (Evenflo Triumph) from Target and it is so CUSH, and awesome, but he falls asleep in it. I can no longer pop him out of the car without waking him. This presents problems. He’s not getting the proper naps, so he’ll cry and cry. Another good reason why I still am bumming around with dirty hair and no lip gloss! God, and he can really really wail now! His eight-month old lungs have POWER, which the little old ladies at the grocery store love to point out. 🙂 Yes, thank you, I say. I am a very proud parent.

Today was the first day home after my show closed. The baby will have to get used to his room again, his crib, all the comforts of home. Surely, after 5 1/2 weeks, he was starting to think that Grandma and Grandpa’s house was his home. They let him watch American Idol. They are cool!
The drive home to LA last night was long. I am so sleep-deprived, but happy. I understand that Little J may cling a little more than usual. I may nurse him to sleep more often than not, for a few more weeks. Can’t follow all the books to the letter, can I? He may be confused, and I may be dazed, but things don’t look so terrible. I’m having fun. I got to sing and dance, and wear makeup!!