Here is the latest snapshot from my LG Rumor camera phone:
I love the brilliance that comes from a quick, no-zoom, action shot captured at Trader Joes. I couldn’t help myself. Little Guy is so reach-y all the time, I knew he’d simply fall out of the cart if I didn’t strap him in. And WHY, please, are the safety belts in certain grocery carts so damn short!?! As you can see, it’s up around his lil’ armpits. I exclaimed, “Hold your breath, buddy!!” while onlookers grinned at us. Oooh, he looked like such a fatty hooked in with that 12 inch red strap!

I am pleased to report that all the baby weight is off. Now the challenge is to eat more healthfully so as to, ya know, maintain. Love that word in reference to body size.
So I discovered this cute little sparkly (yes, you read that right) chocolate bar yesterday called a Fling bar. Check out the shmancy pink website. Only 170 calories, and promoted as being oh-so-choice if you’re young, and you like boys and evenings out at mardi gras. I picked one up at the CVS, marveled at my impulse purchase, and wolfed it down. Not half bad. I guess I’ll have to do a few extra power walks around the block with the stroller if I want to keep up this habit.