This morning I went to the dentist (yet again!) to pick up my new night guard. Apparently I grind my teeth. So that’s what happened to all four of my canines which, no longer sharp, seem to have found their way to a smooth edge like all my other teeth!
When I sit down in the dentist chair, the hygenist/assistant says “You should bring your baby next time! We’d love to see him.”
I looked at her for a moment.

“Really? I couldn’t bring him in here –”

“Sure you could! Some people sit their kids in the corner near them, or even sit them on their laps while they’re in the dentist chair. It’s true! Gets them used to the way we do things around here so they aren’t scared…”

“Ummm,” I said, “Maybe next year.” I could swear there is some liability issue with bringing your baby to the dentist, what with so many chemicals, needles, cords, and water everywhere!

Maybe I was in the minority, but before I had Little J I hated seeing people drag their kids to places which I deemed inappropriate. I (a twenty-something snob of a young adult) always thought that kids should be in school or on the playground most of the time. But people just LOVE babies so much, they seem to want MY baby around to tickle and cuddle, everywhere I go. Trader Joe’s seems to light up when my son squeals with delight and flirts with a female baby across the produce section. My hairdresser insists that there are stylists who can “pass him around” if he gets fussy while I’m having my hair done.
Am I the weird one?
Now, I live in LA, as you probably know. People bring their terriers and their chihuahuas in lil’ purses along for the ride, basically EVERYWHERE. But Little J is a person. He doesn’t fit in my purse, nor does he enjoy being placed in a corner or handed off to strangers while I do my adult duties. Right? I mean, I suppose I could ask him next time I’m about to go out. I’m sure he’d rather stay home with his toys. Especially if the place I am taking him is the handicapped-sized dressing room at Old Navy.