Things I have learned since I last blogged:

1) Whole wheat spaghetti, although delicious, makes a huge mess when you give it to a baby. I’m thinking elbow macaroni might be better.

2) I am crazy enough to pay $17 for a sippy cup, just to see if the cool features are as brilliant as I imagine they are.

3) Drive-thru fast food windows were invented for folks like me, who forget my water bottle and get thirsty-as-heck every afternoon that I am out and about with baby. “Large iced tea, please! I’m dying here.” Avoiding french fries is a challenge for parents because they are so easy to eat while driving.

4) I seem to have one of those babies who shows little sign of wanting to crawl. Ever.

I want to put this out there in the blogosphere in case he surprises me. Right now Little J is a ‘cruiser’, meaning he holds on to something/someone and takes small steps to get where he wants to go. When he’s not standing he’s pissed off.
See? Look how happy. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of him throwing a fit because, oh, for example, I made him sit on his bootie while I made myself a sandwich. Soon I’ll start taking pictures and video of his tantrums. I want to remember them twenty years from now. 🙂

5) According to WordPress, my most visited post on this blog is the one entitled “My three month old child”, where I lament that J is still waking up every 3 hours around the clock. Mwahahahaa, oh how those days are numbered. Yes siree, I learned to walk away from the nursery door and teach that kid to sleep on a schedule. Some days are better than others, but from the hours of 8:30pm to 6:00am I have my life back. For anyone reading this who is a mom-to-be, I encourage you weather the storm as best you can and don’t compare your baby to others. Once you’re ready, Dr. Weissbluth’s book is there to help.