I fear that June gloom has hit many parts of the US this week, from what I am reading on your blogs. Southern CA is no exception.

No complaints here, though. I have been having such a great time watching Little J learn how to pull himself up to standing. I even put out a facebook message asking my friends (help!!) how to deal with daytime naps when your kid is grabbing the rail and screaming through the walls. It is somewhat comical because I waffle between an attitude of ‘he needs to suck it up and soothe himself to sleep’ and ‘OhMyGod I am such a cruel mommy, hold me back while I run in to rescue him from such torture’. This applies to many things. Sometimes he puts something disgusting in his mouth and I swiftly remove it. Other times, I watch and smirk. Mmmmm, grass.

The rubber playground at the mall is proving to be a really awesome thing.

Little J has been to visit it twice. Sure, it offers a host of icky kid germs, and who knows if anyone ever cleans it. But I’ve noticed that seeing other children really excites him. He now has a new courage to try to walk and explore, which I love. He’s practically the youngest kid there, but this won’t be the case for long. I like seeing the other mothers, too. Many of them are in ponytails and nappy sweatpants, just like mine, and it makes me feel like less of an eyesore in society. Oooh, did I just write that? [Slap on the wrist] I really DO have self-esteem, I swear!