A little over a week ago I turned 30.

I drank a few pints of Stella Artois, and this “Birthday Shot”, free from the bartender.

Don’t ask me what this drink was. I don’t remember.

I thought I’d make a list of 30 of my favorite things.


1. The Verdugo Mountains, which I am able to admire from my living room window. Yes, I happen to live in “the Valley”.
2. Water Babies sunblock. What is it about that smell?
3. podcasts
4. Disneyland Parades
5. Gourmet Veggie Pizza from Round Table
6. (my first experience in social networking back in 2002.)
7. Broadway musicals
8. Those square-shaped blush/bronzers by Benefit.
9. “Family Parking” at malls. Hilarious!
10. Gouda cheese
11. Buzz Lightyear
12. Things that are hot pink.
13. The Mediterranean Sea
14. The freedom to travel to the Mediterranean Sea, or other places in the world.
15. Levar Burton
16. My lavendar prom dress.
senior prom
17. ‘Updos’ — Weddings and Prom, that’s it??
18. Oh yeah…getting to wear an Updo on “Mad Men” (in my non-speaking role of “restaurant hostess”)! Let’s re-phrase. I love sitting in “hair and makeup”, even if I’m just an extra. And even if it’s 6am. A few years ago, 6am sounded really early. Mwaahaha.
19. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
20. Anything Star Trek
21. ballet shoes and leotards
22. Dogs who are so friendly they are better than people.
23. Christmas ornaments
24. Mac computers
25. The Office
26. Pho for lunch. In Chinatown
27. The first day of school
28. The last day of dress rehearsal
29. Having a baby
30. Watching him sleep. Or catching some zzzzz’s myself.