You have to guffaw at Cookie Magazine each month.

I love to read the damn thing cover to cover, and I get two copies all of a sudden — somehow my husband accidentally signed up when buying something online. So, I often give my extra issues to my friend PTD, who is scheduled to give birth in about a week!! Eeee! PTD and I like to smirk at all the overpriced kiddie clothes and gear they feature in the magazine. I like that the whole thing is written for craft-challenged New York eco-aware mommies who like to know where to get the best granola and the sexiest heels. And if you’re looking for, say, Diesel jeans for your 4 year old, look no further! Really, Cookie Magazine? Really?

My favorite thing this month is a necklace (page 46) that retails for $225.00, made of glass pearls. The real-mom/J. Crew exec who offers it for our perusal is quoted as saying, “A statement necklace makes an everyday outfit more interesting — plus it’s something for your kid to fiddle with.”

A two-hundred twenty-five dollar necklace??!!??

I, too, have a statement necklace that I let my kid fiddle with. I am so thrilled with it because it’s sturdy as hell, and pink. I love pink.
Photo 39
This fish cost me FOUR DOLLARS at Forever 21 and came with some stud earrings as well. Little J has snapped a chain or two of mine recently, but this one is still holding up. I’m thinking that the price was right. So please, magazine gods, keep up the good humor. I won’t be walking in to Neiman Marcus any time soon because my sweaters all have smudges from what I call “banana hands”. But I love to laugh. Laughter is free.