I know there was a birthday.
I know there were pictures.
They are somewhere on my husband’s computer, maybe.
Or, they are on a Flash card that has been removed and inserted into my husband’s computer. I guess that must be it.
I hooked up the Canon digital to my mac today and there are only shots from back in June. Even the photos of me doing a shot on my birthday have been mysteriously deleted.


So, unfortunately a 1st birthday post will not make an appearance. Not today anyway.

Be that as it may, I am happy to report that having a ONE YEAR OLD is super-duper fun. I love all of Little J’s pointing at objects. I love his obsession with dogs. I love the way he lights up when certain stuffed animals start to play music when squeezed. I love that he walks like a little cowboy/ape with that wide stance. I love hearing his little voice declaring such things as “Dah! Fffffff. Wooof. Mamamama.”

I love that I am down to one nursing a day. I’m ready to wean, folks, and this has not been easy. Once the initial weeks with the shield were over, I had the luxury of being able to breastfeed and be a SAHM for the last 12 months. It’s been great. I know some moms are game to continue breastfeeding through two years old or longer. Me? I am starting to feel the gentle clench of those 8 teeth. I also have lost interest in Target nursing bras. And yes, I feel a slight societal pressure to quit. Mostly, however, I just want some more personal space. It’s time.