Taking a cue from Sara, I wanted to blog about feeding a one-year old. What fun! Whole milk and peanut butter and berries now. No more worry about allergies. Although, Little J broke out in hives when he ate scrambled eggs for the first time. I’m going to try again soon and see if he has the same reaction. Hmmm.
Cooking for three is a lot more complicated than cooking for two. My current staples for J are bananas, pears, pretzels, Yo-Baby yogurt, brocolli, babybel cheese….and SYRUP.

Ha, just kidding! I was quoting the movie “Elf”.

I have to share that my son’s favorite treat is Starbucks Walnut loaf! Why?

I do enjoy some healthy cooking as often as possible. I was damn proud of myself last week when I made my low-cal cabbage soup with ground turkey, and the next day, nuked a small bowl of the leftovers for Little J. I just drained out the beef broth and let him eat the salty delicious chunks of meat, pasta, and veggies. He seems disinterested in anything UN-seasoned. That is, unless it comes out of a jar and says Gerber on the front. ‘Spoon it into my mouth, ma, and I’ll try it.’ At the end of the day, if it’s not candy, soda, or Top Ramen, I’ll let him try a taste. Even chocolate ice cream.

PS. The photo is sideways on purpose. I didn’t feel like taking the time to adjust its orientation because I’m off to the gym now. Bye!