Yeah, okay, I said it.

I have a 13-month old. Sometimes when the tantrums get really really bad, I turn to wordsearches online. Who doesn’t, right? Here’s what says about “tantrums”:

One of the best approaches to tantrums is to avoid them as much as possible. Pay attention to your baby’s cues and try to anticipate her desires. You can reduce her frustration even more by giving her a safe place to explore where you won’t constantly have to tell her no.

Well isn’t that just worth a coffeecup full of snot? Seriously, friends, I write this because I know I am “ahead” of some of you. You’re out there reading about what’s to come with your own precious babies. Right now you might be thinking, well when my kid cries, I do this or that. The situations change, over and over. He hits a new “stage” or “milestone”. Isn’t it adorable? And just when you think you’ve got all your bases covered, there’s a wrench thrown in the gears. You can do like me and cry to your husband. Whaaaa. That will only go so far. In the end, you have to say ‘screw-you’ to the internet, and let them cry until they are done. Do not, by any means, hit them with a soccerball or give them a shot of Jack Daniels. It’s so weird that babycenter doesn’t mention this, so I thought I should. đŸ™‚

I know, when I am on the playground, or chatting with you on the phone, I’ll say how wonderful my son is. He is just the best, and I don’t know how I ever lived without him. But IN ADDITION to this, clever ladies, there is the secret world of “OhmygodpleasefortheloveofgodSTOP” which is very real, and very common.

Because you deserve a bit of the truth. And your baby will still love you when he wakes up from crying it out. Mine can’t get enough of me. This I promise you.