I have a nasty cold in the nose, which I caught from my kid, and I’m hating it. Gross.
Every time he sticks his finger up my nose and giggles, every time he gives me a wet, open-mouthed kiss, I smile, and I also curse the fates. What did I expect? Of course I was going to catch his sniffles. Ugh, we may not go outside today. I’m feeling ick.

This past Wednesday I went to my friend’s wedding in New York. She got married in Central Park, and I was matron of honor. It was an adventure and fun was had by all. I got run around, jump on and off subways, get a massage, eat pizza. All of this, alone, with no husband or baby nearby. It was exhilarating. The only reason I did not have a heart attack at the separation was that my mother offered to watch Little J for 5 days, at my house. A better scenario could not have been created. My mom is a pro. I love her so much.

My friend had her “first glance” moment in a garden in Central Park, and, since it was Wednesday afternoon, some school kids found themselves witnessing it. Front row seats.
It was so adorable, I had to capture that moment.
And in that sweet moment, I looked at those little New Yorkers, and thought I LOVE KIDS!!! All kids. I love ’em. I love my own child most of all. I finally count myself amongst the many people who claim I was not a whole person until I had a child.

Maybe this seems elementary and odd, but it was a nice realization for me. I think I was slower-than-average on the acceptance of parenthood. I have been embracing it gradually. I didn’t weep and feel connected to Little J the moment he was born. Oh, no. I didn’t really believe he was mine. I think this happens to some mothers, and fathers too. It took a little courage, but my heart has gotten so BIG in the last 14 months. And now, I’m really really proud of this. I’m wearing my moms’ club badge today. It’s big and shiny and it says “I love kids”.