1. Matzoball soup + Nyquil + 9 hours sleep = magical cure for a cold (for me, not the baby!)

2. I seem to have lost my house keys. This is only mildly upsetting for some reason. I managed to scavenge an extra key to the side door, and am going in and out of it for now. 😛

3. Little J has cut his first molar!! It is just so cute, I can’t get over it. This explains the massive drool springing from his mouth and leaving his collars damp.

4. Cookie Magazine has folded. I am not sad, per se. I only wonder what the folks at Conde Naste are going to send me instead, for the remainder of my subscription year.

5. This pancake batter bowl from Ikea serves well as a place to throw small toys that I find scattered about my living room floor every day. It’s always a mess around here, and for the time being, Little Guy thinks the bowl is his new toy.