The wind is blowing fiercly today.  December in LA is always strange with its patches of sunshine, and evil, angry traffic.

Little J keeps calling for his uncle.  “Gunkle!  Gunkle!”  Where could he be?  His uncle has spent many days in the past month working under the house, replacing our electrical wires and installing a brand new breaker box.  The toddler just flips out over the sounds of hammers outside, ladder climbing, and holes being drilled.  His genuine glee over tools is infectious.  He is such a little boy.  Now the job is done, and his uncle is not here, but the wind hits the house and it sounds like someone is working outside.  The elusive, invisible electrician.  We call him “Gunkle”.

Yesterday was one of the most challenging days of my parenting life thus far.  J and I fought battle after battle all day.  I insisted he sit down in his stroller.  On the sidewalk of a busy avenue, I badgered and threatened and almost squashed his little spleen trying to get him click in.  How is it that they get so strong so fast?  He yelled.  I yelled.  Bedtime was no fun at all.  Eventually, my husband came home with a pizza and I cried to him about how difficult the day had been.  Once I got all the tears out I felt better.  I felt like I could try again in the morning.  I knew he was still recovering from his first visit to Disneyland!

Sometimes a fun-filled weekend with family or friends can bring on an overstimulated toddler, and I am amazed at how that ‘buzzed’ behavior carries over into Monday.  Yesterday was Monday, the 21st of December.  I dared not call another mom friend and complain about the harrowing day I was having.  ‘Holy Jeez, can you believe this kid?!?’  Surely everyone’s folks are flying in.  Cookies are being munched, trees trimmed and outings scheduled.  It’s all going to be okay.  Life will become less hectic so very, very soon.