I have been hearing rumblings of Monday being a national holiday.  “Which one?” I ask my husband.  Neither of us can remember.

Finally I have to look it up.  Oh, dear.  Dr. Martin Luther King, how could I forget you?  My son is only 1, after all, so school has not yet sent home a lesson about Dr. King’s birthday and why it is important.  Well, I guess I’ll have to promise never to have that brain fart again.  January is tricky, isn’t it?  All of our holidays smashed together at the end of the calendar year, and then we go numb for several weeks.

Note:  Little J is in his crib right now for naptime.  I hear him giggling and chattering to himself.  He is definitely not standing at the edge, screeching, planning an escape.  I’ll have to thank his new daycare for this.  Soon he will be asleep.  After all the screaming and time-outs I dealt with between breakfast and reading book time, I deserve a little civility and calm.  I do, dammit.