It would seem that there are at least a dozen people out there checking this blog for updates.  Included amongst you are friends from days of old, cousins, a few mommybloggers from colder parts of the country, and my husband, who likes to check which new photos I’ve added.  Hello!  And if you haven’t done so before, please introduce yourself in the comments below!


I’ve been hacking and nose-blowing for the past week, and it’s been a hell of a time.  Now that I feel better, I wonder what to write?  What has changed and progressed?  My little one turned 18 months old over Valentine’s weekend, and I can hardly believe he’s on the way to TWO!  I’m starting to miss the gooey babyhood days, just a little.  Don’t get me wrong, I always figured I’d enjoy parenting SO much more when I could have a conversation with my son, and we are well on our way!  He now says, “Nooooooo!” and wags his little pointer finger at me.  He also has many names for animals.

A pig is “guh.guh.”

A lion is a whispered, “Raaawrrr.”

An alligator is “Tagor.”

Grover from Sesame Street is “Gohh!!”

He’ll also smile or frown upon request.  He loves waitresses.  He eats fruit snacks like they are about to go out of season.  I’m trying not to bring those out too often, so in a way, they are out of season.

…But, I do miss the infant stage sometimes.  He didn’t used to scream and smack me away when I put shampoo in his hair.  I miss being able to carry him around with me everywhere I darn pleased.  Now, it’s somewhat of a science experiment.

How tired or energetic will he be on this errand?  Will he try to climb out of the grocery cart?  Will he insist on eating a banana before I’ve had a chance to pay for it?  If I bring a sippy-cup of milk, will he launch it across the restaurant or the backseat of the car?  Will I break a sweat carrying him to and fro?

I say ‘no’ a lot.  I give multiple timeouts every day, and they work.  Ohhh, I would be a indentured servant woman if they didn’t.  Still, when he is happy, this little person lights up the room.  Nothing in the world is so precious.  I don’t take nearly as many pictures of him as when we was bitty, but when I do, it shocks me at how much he has grown already.  This little man always wants to be in the same room as me, to see what I’m doing and get involved.  He’s here to stay.