Today I took Little J to the Americana Mall to see some live music.  Our newest shopping plaza here in the valley has a weekly kids concert outdoors.  Oooh, aren’t we so lucky?  Here Moms and Nannies get to plop their pre-walker or pre-schooler down on the lawn to enjoy a show geared towards kids.  The band Rhythm Child is supposedly a more popular choice, so we decided to check out their first set before naptime.

He really enjoyed the drums!  Here he is (in his blue puffy vest) getting up close to the lead singer’s bongo drum.  This is not posed.  He really was the one child getting super friendly with the band.

Little J was an instant fan of Rhythm Child.  It wasn’t just the fact that every kid got to borrow his own set of drums and sticks to whack.  He got so close to the stage, dancing his little dance, I actually worried about hearing loss. 😛  But my son was ROCKING. OUT.  To the Wheels on the Bus.  I tried to take video of his “moves” with my phone but I kept having to chase him down because he would wander around to share with other kiddies, borrow their sticks, touch their snacks and step on their mom’s blankies.