I’ve been stressing out a lot about the money I spend on childcare.  Because it’s, you know, A lot.  There are babysitters for the occasional Date Nite, plus the flexible daycare two days a week, which is awesome.  Little J is really comfortable there already.  But the $$$ just seems to plague me.  It plagues me more than the 3 pairs of shoes I bought on Saturday.  Yes, three.  You read that correctly, and don’t pretend you haven’t done the same at some point.

So how ’bout this?  During an impromptu playdate, I was impressed to watch my mom friend J pull out her iPhone to check her Facebook.  Earlier she had posted a status update that went something like this:

“Needs a babysitter for tonight. Any takers?”

The subtext there being Please come over and watch my kid for free.  And apparently there were responses!  I guess her network of friends is kind and loving, and close by.  Maybe she’s onto something.


I decided to delete the rest of this post because it was sucky.