Lately I have been in a super happy, fuzzy, go0-goo place over my son.  I just love him to pieces, and I kiss him and rumple his hair dozens of times a day.  He is so chatty all of sudden!  I love to get him to say new things that he might never have said before, like the word whisk or meerkat.  He has an obsession with the Sesame Street characters.  Today when Cookie Monster appeared on television, he yelled out, “Cracker! Cracker!  Ummmmmm.”  To which I replied, “That’s right!  Delicious.”

I have noticed that Little J is like me.  He’s kind of…well, A-type.  He knows what he likes and he’ll point intensely at the things he wants to get closer to.  He likes to climb things to reach all the shiny objects at grown-up level.  He’ll climb on a plastic cereal bin and fall flat on his face.  Oh, he will.  Today at “Storytime at Borders” (where I wanted to meet up with another mom) my son was grabbing all things Elmo, often out of other children’s hands.  Sure, he sat in my lap for a tick.  After just one and a half stories read aloud by the 19-year old Bookstore Employee, who, by the way, kept requesting “quiet down, please” to the pre-kinders before her, Little J was D-O-N-E.  He headed to the DVD section and pulled every Thomas the Tank Engine movie off the shelf.

The secret is that I love it.  He isn’t the kid who sits quietly.  Often you’ll catch me in public, talking to another adult while my kid squirms to break free of my grasp and bolt for the drinking fountain.  A machine that squirts water when you push it?  YES! And it’s adorable.  Every societally terrible act that he commits.  I secretly want to kiss him more.  I love him fiercely, watching him test the limits of this world.  He’s an intense child, but also friendly and so sweet.  I wish I could say that more often.  Instead I hide behind polite apology, or I complain about how ‘my kid is a monkey’.  I want to capture this personality that I see developing.  So, I thought I’d post these photos taken last month.  Little Guy found my bracelet on the table and decided to try it on.  You’ll see he took to the task with fervor.