Yesterday was J’s last day of daycare.  I’m going to fill our summer with fun, fun, fun, and classes, and I’m going to save several hundred dollars a month, to boot.

Shortly before picking him up from Happy Shiny Daycare for the last time, I sped on down to Toys R Us and purchased a WATER TABLE for the backyard.  Hallelujah, the obsession with faucets can now be properly dealt with.  I am so happy and excited for my kid I cannot tell you.  Daily he will request to help me with the dirty dishes, rubbing his hands together and saying, “Dit-dit??”  I have often obliged him by pulling a chair up to the sink, removing all knives and glass and letting him help as much as he can.  Oh, and he will pull a stool up to the microwave and try to put food in there, too.  🙂

When J woke up this morning he saw the big plastic sink, complete with a pump-operated faucet and yelled “On! On!”  That’s right babe, Santa came!  There’s still no water in there, but he is so jazzed.  We headed out the door to our first gymnastics class, though.  Later this afternoon will be our first foray into the yard to fill up the WATER TABLE!  It’s like Christmas day around here on May 14th.

My little one, you are officially 21 months old.  I love you more than the moon and the sky.