Last night I spent at least half an hour attempting to remove melted green crayon from J’s carseat cover.  An entire green crayon reduced to a hardened pool of fun.  I wanted to avoid using harsh chemicals, but gave in to the promise of a shiny bottle of Goo Gone in my laundry room cabinet.  That stuff is pretty fantastic, but smells pretty scary.  And to think, I bought it 3 years ago because a fellow castmate suggested it during White Christmas (9 shows a week dinner theater!) She had a small bottle in her makeup caddy, and used a dab on a cotton ball once a week to remove the remnants of mic tape.  What is mic tape, you ask?  Well, when you wear a body microphone or lavalier every day under your costume, the mic (mike) part is taped to your forehead, under the wig.  Then it is taped again at the very base of your neck so that you can dance and move around and the wire stays put.  You have to tape and retape each day.  Sometimes I would go to an audition and see a guy walking around with surgical tape residue above his collar (in the shape of a small piece of scotch tape) and I’d smile and ask, “What show are you in?”  You see, that shit doesn’t come off in the shower.

So this girl told me that Goo Gone does the trick to get the glue remnants off your back, and I tried it with much success.  Somehow I ignored the fact that it says on the bottle to keep Goo Gone from having extended contact with your skin!

Any ecofriendly (and human friendly) cleaning tips are welcome!