I walked in the door of my house at 12:32pm, a to-go salad swinging in a bag off my wrist, and my gym bag on the other shoulder.

“I’m baaaack!”

J was in his highchair eating pb&j.  He saw me, smiled and whined, “All done.”

The babysitter was sitting across from him, sweetly attending his needs.  She informed me that they two had enjoyed lots of time playing outside, and a few minutes inside watching The Incredibles before an early lunch.  I wrote her a check, and out the door she went.

Five minutes later, after poking at my salad with the empty plastic cutlery wrapper, Little J went down for his nap.  He was howling.  I had just gotten home and he was ready to be coy and fiesty as per usual.  Sleep, now??!? I knew the N-A-P was already past due.

Then the most remarkable thing happened.  My husband called, asking me to lunch.  He was hoping J hadn’t already gone down for his nap, which he had.  I was far too busy getting my workout in and having my hair cut to make lunch plans with anyone but muh-self.

I am a busy SAHM.  I have errands to run, and today they happen to involve a little self-care.

<Pat on back>