On this day, seven years ago, we were married.

It was a Sunday evening (06.22.03) and, I think, 116 people were there.  The officiant we hired made an embarrassing display of passion during the ceremony, spouting poems that looked good on paper, but sounded incredibly corny in the moment, and I understood why most people just use Corinthians.  We laughed a lot.  My mother ordered apple martinis to be tray-passed immediately after the recessional.  Yes, our family likes to party!

We were both just shy of 24.  Now that seems so young!  It made me laugh a few weeks back when Zoe on Nurse Jackie says she’s “roundin’ the corner to the big TWO-FOUR.”  Certainly so much has happened since we were that age and said our vows.  I love you, my dear husband.  You are handsome and smart, fair and generous.  You are tall, but not too tall!  Also, rational beyond the scope of most human beings.  You love to tell stories, and you listen to mine.

Happy Anniversary.