…Part One, I am sure.  This will most definitely be my first of several posts on poo-poo and pee-pee since we are getting close to that awesome concept, potty training.

Last night Little J was taking his bath, playing and talking to himself.  He likes to slide the glass doors closed and say, “Bye, Mama”.  I ducked into the laundry room to transfer a load from the washer to the dryer.  Upon running back, I hear him say, “Poo-poo?”  A Question.

Yes, sure enough he is defecating into the water with a plop, and he is excited to see the results!  I laugh, rinse off his bum and whisk him up and outta the water before he can grab one of the logs with his hands.  He looks over the edge of the tub at his work, hoping to get closer.  I scoop the poo up with the bowl of his kiddie toilet, but not before TAKING a picture of my son examining the bathwater and pointing at it, “Poo-poo!”  YES!  Then I show him how poo actually goes in the toilet and we FLUSH it away.  A thrilling first lesson.  I enjoyed myself, I must say.