Before I tackle a mountain of laundry, I thought I’d show you a quick iMac snapshot of my growing uterus (at 21 weeks.)  The shirt I’m wearing is something my sister plucked off the racks at Forever 21 last month, saying, “This is Oh, so My-So-Called-Life.”  Yeah.  Welcome back, 1990’s, with all your dreary courderoys and plaid shirts and beanies.  When I was 15, Jordan Catalano seemed like a real person somehow.  It must be similar to how today’s girls feel about Edward Cullen.

Yesterday I attended my MOPS meeting.  MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers (0-6 yrs old) and is a national organization geared towards building community amongst mothers.  In our case, all the moms are SAHM’s because the meetings are every other Thursday at 9:30am at a church.  The children are all sent upstairs to the church’s nursery area while the moms have a potluck breakfast and chat about their lives.  Half of the membership fee for MOPS goes towards paying the babysitters who watch all the kids while they play.  There is a theme each week, and discussion topics.  Sometimes a speaker is scheduled.  It’s been a really wonderful new resource for me.  I was invited by my friend from the playground, Cheli.  Her son D and my Little J have become fast friends.  Cheli is a jewelry designer and her husband animates at Dreamworks.  She and I seem to have similar views on raising boys, and even though she is unbelievably friendly and organized, she is down to earth.  No sign of that sugary cheerfulness that often sends me running in the other direction.  The topic yesterday at MOPS was discipline, and after the meeting, she and I discussed the issue more in the parking lot.  It’s amazing how being firm and following through with your “threats” is so key during the Two’s.  But it is also important to give yourself a pass once in a while.  If you don’t want to choose this battle, you let it go.  So what if he spills breakfast cereal all over the car or the floor?  We’ll work on that next time.  One thing that ALL the mothers seemed to agree on is that if you don’t choose to be firm on some rules and relax on others, you will definitely be scolding your kids all day long.  Then by dinner time you are so spent, you want to punch your card, hand them over to daddy and say g’bye.  The mother of triplet girls who sits at my table definitely feels this way.

Our next meeting is a holiday party of sorts, and I plan on bringing homemade muffins and some green tea.  It’s really nice to have something to look forward to that doesn’t involve too much coordination on your part.  It’s really cool to just show up.