I made this collage on picnik.com and uploaded it to a different website to print our holiday cards this year.  I probably could have saved myself some time and energy using a lovely template over at Shutterfly or Tiny Prints, but I felt motivated to use a coupon I had received in the mail for 40% off card orders.  And also, Picnik is a Lot Of Fun!  Have you tried it?  The month of December has landed on us so fast, and OhmyGoodness it is half over!  In the midst of working a freelance job, chasing after Little J, and attending the funeral of a good friend’s parent (sad, awful timing,) I decided it was “Happy New Year” cards for us.  They’re in transit right now, on their way to my mom’s house where I hope I’ll have time to address them on the 26th or 27th.

The caption reads, “Long Beach Aquarium and San Diego Wild Animal Park 2010”.  These two places were big family visits for us this Fall and our toddler just LOVES animals.  Not so shocking that he loves them, but really adorable.  Don’t ask me to tell you what kind of animal that is on the bottom right.  I took half a dozen shots of J touching him and I can’t remember what he is called.  J kept shouting, Donkey!  Donkey!  Not a bad guess for someone who watches Shrek the Halls on the DVR every other day.


Oh, and by the by, I am super-jealous of the sweet, sophisticated and impeccably designed family Christmas card that Jules made over at Pancakes and French Fries.  I kind of want to sock her in the arm for being so clever, and she lives about a tank of gas away from me.  Ha ha.  Only kidding.