I went to visit the Nurse Practicioner at my OB’s office today.

Susan, the NP, holds my chart.  “So, you hurt your foot and your GP insists you see us, huh?”

“Yes.  I called them to say that I thought I had pinched a nerve in the arch of my foot.  It hurts to walk.  My doctor told me that I had to visit you to rule out a blood clot.”  Just the thought of a blood clot in my leg while 26 weeks pregnant brought tears to my eyes.

“That’s ridiculous.  It’s not a clot.”  She squeezed my foot, then my calves.  “No swelling.  What I think you have is what we call PLANTAR FASCIITIS.”

“And what is that?”  The words shot out of my mouth.  She went on to explain that it’s a swelling of the muscles around the bottom of the foot.  I need to see a podiatrist, she stated.  Normally, one would take ibuprofen, but preggies can’t do that.

“Okay,” I said.  “And what is the podiatrist going to tell me to do?”  I really felt like I needed to prepare myself for a big fat brace on my foot.  Or bedrest.  Or worse…Not being able to pick up my two-year-old for the rest of my pregnancy.  She admitted that she didn’t know much since their office specializes in lady parts (duh.)  Most likely I would get some orthotics for my shoes and be shown some stretches.

Hoping that the HMO approves a referral to a podiatrist quickly, I am sitting here feeling grateful that I never experienced sciatica with my last pregnancy, or anything similarly painful.  In fact, I had zero problems that I can recall.  This time around, I feel really great, but haven’t committed much thought to being careful with my feet.  In fact, I have no idea if this pain in my foot could have been avoided.  I didn’t slip or fall.  I’m just, out of nowhere, in quite a bit of pain.