My pregnant friend took this photo of me at her backyard baby shower on Saturday.

I turned around and started talking to her, and she just clicked the camera.  She seems to have an “eye” for taking these kinds of snapshots at all her get-togethers.  Her artsy brain must love a true-life image.  And me?  Well, I was irked at first to find this picture tagged on Facebook.  Yikes, look at my face.  Then I took another look at it and thought, Hey, here’s a photo of me at 27 weeks pregnant.  From head on, I hardly look pregnant at all!  And, look at my kid!  How cute is that kid??

Sometimes it helps to practice a little less control over one’s life.  This week, an easy way to do that is to share a photo of me with a less-than-stellar facial expression.  I can find the good in it.  It is a part of my life, after all.