I posted a year ago about the few words that Little J was speaking.  I was so tickled by his beginner language skills.  Oh, the darnedest things!  This morning, I was greeted with enthusiastic hugs and kisses at 7:00am.  I let him out of his room, he climbed into my bed like a jolly firecracker and said, “Daddy, WAKE UP!”  It was so clearly articulated that his father asked, “Did he just say that?”  So funny.  So cute and funny.

On Valentines Day, which happens to be J’s half-birthday, Daddy brought home a small plush version of Buck from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.  Little J has been watching this film on the DVR a lot.  He loves the more thrilling, violent, ending scenes.  Scarier than I would choose for him, but my kid is such a little boy, he grins when the giant dinosaur leaps out of the trees!

Little snow boots for our upcoming ski trip.  Size 7.  Feel free to snicker, Kate or Sara, but we don’t need no boots in L.A. unless we’re going to Mammoth for a whopping 2 days.

Sweet preschool art.  Oh the cute things they make at only 2 1/2!