On Saturday morning we decided to go to REMO drum circle in North Hollywood.  This is a fun place where kids get to drum on dozens of real drums and shake shakers for 40 minutes, all for free, while a leader sets the rhythm or sings a song such as Old MacDonald.  There is a lot of call and answer.  It’s noisy, but everyone is always grinning.  My husband absolutely loves it.  He tells me he would go there even if we didn’t have children.  Little J was in a strange mood this time and kept wandering about, finding drums that were taller than he was and touching them with his Thomas the Train toy.  I had my eyes down, following him for almost the full duration of the class, doing my duty as a parent to make sure he didn’t get into any trouble.

On the way out, we pass a cute little blond toddler and his dad.  Of course, there are so many toddlers at this place, mind you, that they start to blend into each other.

Hubby says to me, “Honey, that guy is somebody.  He’s an actor.  That short guy, did you see him?”

I was hungry and wanted to get some eggs at Paty’s Diner.  “No, babe.  Sorry.”

Then, as we are driving out of the narrow parking lot, the actor with his son passes again, hugging the wall as vehicles drive near.  Now the windows in our car are completely down, and my husband says, “There!  This guy.  Do you recognize him?”  The actor makes eye contact with me and smiles a knowing smile that says, Yes, you recognize me.

“Oh sure,” I say.  “That’s Steve from Sex and the City.”

“Oh.  Hmmmm.”  My husband is perplexed.  He was trying to make the connection in his head.

I start to laugh.  “That man must get recognized by women EVERYWHERE HE GOES!!  But I was never looking at him.  I just looked as his kid!”  We arrive at Paty’s diner with our friends who also attended the drum circle.  It’s a busy Saturday morning, but the hostess assures me that a table will be ready in just 5 minutes.

“Did you see Steve from Sex and the City at REMO?” my husband asks his friend, T.

“Who?  I’ve never seen that show.”

I smile at this response.  Los Angeles is so funny.  Sometimes a friend spots someone and you truly have to admit you don’t know who that person is.  I tell our friends that I put our name in and we should be seated shortly.  Our friends ask a different hostess about a clean table off in the corner of the restaurant that looks like it would fit us perfectly.

“Oh, that table is reserved.” she says tentatively.

We are placed at a booth meant for four adults (maximum) and two high chairs are snuggled up to the edge of the table.  It’s a tight fit, but we do alright.  I start to look at my menu and little J eyeballs the bowl of coffee creamers that is placed in front of me.

“There’s an actor over there/Did you see him?/From Will and Grace, yeah.”  The wife of our friend T is now discussing someone new with my Hubby.  I look up.  “Where, in the corner?”  It was Eric McCormack sitting with his son.

“Who is it?  Where?”  T asks us.

“Behind me in the corner,” his wife replies.

“You know,” I say to T.  “It’s Will from Will and Grace…With his kid…He’s wearing glasses.”

“Glasses.  One kid.  Big table.” his wife says. “The table we couldn’t get.”  Ahh, yes.

This is when I start to laugh a HUGE guffaw.  I pull out my phone.  Lemme snap a picture of this situation with our kids in their highchairs and Eric McCormack in the background at the big RESERVED table at Paty’s.

Now I’m no Mamaratzi, but I thought that two TV star sightings in one morning warranted a blog post.

As you can see, Little J got a hold of some of my half-and-half.  He wanted to sip on every single one, but no such luck, kiddo.