With less than 4 weeks until my due date, I am starting to feel quite uncomfortable.  It’s fun to guess whether this little girl will be early or late…or right on time, as her brother was.  I am a bit apprehensive about the pains of labor.  If you’ll remember, I went all the way without an epidural last time.  But I just have to look at my sweet son and remember that it’s worth all the yucky, scary (and often gross) stuff that happens in the hospital.  After you toil and whine and lay there with your bottom half exposed, you get a precious little package to take home with you.  And that’s the best.

We spent this past weekend in Mammoth with my brother in law and his family.  Everyone went skiing and snowboarding while I stayed home with the toddler.  I was happy to stay indoors.  We had a really nice time.  He played with his toys and snacked on goodies while I finished reading Water for Elephants (Now I can say I’ve read at least one piece of fiction this year!)  On Saturday we drove up to a snowy hill to go sledding and let Little J experience his first snow.  “Snowman?  Okay!”  he chirped.  He was excited at first, but once he stepped off solid road, and his little boots sank into the cold icy powder, he realized it would be hard to walk and his clothes would get messy.  He was not happy. He insisted on being held.

“Mommy can’t carry you because her tummy is too big,” I kept saying.  This did not stop him from whining and reaching for me while his cousins (eleven and twelve years old) ran up and down the hill with their plastic toboggans.  At one point, his dad and uncle tried to coax him up the hill to sit on a sled and ride down.  He screamed as though someone were kidnapping him or pouring icy water down his shorts.  Things were going exactly the opposite of the way my husband and I envisioned it when we planned this trip.

I snapped this photo with my cell phone.  J and I are sitting at the bottom of the hill.  My pregnant bootie is parked right in the snow and he is kneeling on my lap.  Once he felt insulated from the cold and wet, Little J seemed to calm down, and perhaps even smile.  He watched his parents make a poor excuse for a snowman.  He giggled and observed.  But play?  Not this year, folks.  Very much like his first time in a swimming pool, he was like, “Getmeouttahere!”