I’ve been napping a lot in preparation for the first 6 weeks of New Baby’s arrival, which equals feeding her every 2 to 3 hours.  I remember being in the hospital with J and watching endless Summer 08 Olympics coverage.  I couldn’t sleep a wink during the night.  Every tiny chortle, gasp or cry he made woke me up and sent me struggling out of bed to check on him.  What if he’s not breathing?!?!? By the grace of the Almighty, I will not be doing that this time.

By the time I was released from the hospital after J’s birth, (I was not fond of the bed or the food) I was running on this unbelievable adrenaline rush that finally crashed a few days later.  I wept desperately in the shower because I had never been so tired in my all my life.

We found out at my last ultrasound that our hospital lets you take home the placenta if you’d like to make it into hormone pills.

“Do you think you need that?” Husband asked me.

Oh, I sure hope not.