Today, my darling daughter, you are three weeks old.

You are already gaining weight and getting taller (75th percentile for height) and your skin is a very warm pinky color.  Your hair is fuzzy, different from your brother’s.  In most other ways, you look exactly like he did as a newborn.  I can’t remember if he fussed very much in the first three weeks, but I’ve observed that you are calm and pleasant most of the time.  You poo a lot.

You have to wear a sling/stocking for several weeks because you broke your clavicle at birth.  You don’t seem to be in any pain, though.  In fact, you like to have the sling removed sometimes so that you can stretch.  I love how babies like to reach their arms up and stretch.  You smell nice.  I don’t bathe you very often because (you don’t get dirty and) I have lots of other things to do such as look after your brother and watch HGTV and brew my decaf coffee.  I have been doing the laundry, but cooking the meals has fallen to other wonderful folks (like your daddy.)  Thank goodness for them.

You love to sleep on me.  You enjoy being held by anyone, but I’ve noticed that when I am nearby and you hear my voice you get quiet and content.  I love you so much already.  You are beautiful.