Okay, so I’m folding the whites in my living room.  Lily is in her swing.  “16 and Pregnant” is on MTV and I figure, why not?  I’ve never watched it before.  Curiosity gets me into it.  Now, this chick on the show, Samantha, goes in for an induction and spends 10 hours on pitocin, sleeping through the night, her mom and boyfriend beside her.  Suddenly, next morning, she is screaming, literally, into her oxygen mask, and they’re telling her that she is only dialated 2cm and cannot get her epidural until she’s at 3cm.

Wow.  I was walking around the mall at 3cm.  No two birth experiences are alike, are they?  Poor sixteen year old girl.  Maybe she’ll wait a good long time before doin’ the deed again.