Ooof, I’ve been gone from this blog a long time.  I have been feeling very protective of my life and my family these days.

I have taken lots of photos, and done a lot of shopping, cleaning, and to-do list checkin’.  And then my old college buddy, Sanj, called on the phone.  She emailed also, then followed up with a call.  And she told me that she checks my blog regularly (hi, friend!) and I felt this wave of warmth spill over me.  The reason I love reading blogs so much is that I get a glimpse into the personal lives of women (I think 99% of the blogs I read are female voices) and we are all looking to embrace one another and be inspired by ideas and images.  And here was my friend looking at the same old page that’s been sitting there for weeks and weeks.  On facebook, I’ve been thrilled to see her Hipstamatic shots taken on her iPhone, hitting that Like button, but I haven’t been sending out the blog love lately.  I’ve been like a snail, in more ways than one.


Here are some pictures of the two people who brighten my day:


I chose two out of focus pictures because, truly, life is moving SO fast.  I can’t get them to be still and smile at me in that way.  You know, the way I want to hold dear in my mind’s eye for eternity?  The way that a child looks at his mommy and shows her that he is honest and joyful.  It’s precious.

My son and daughter are so young, it is amazing to see how much they learn each and every week.  I wish I had more time to devote to cataloguing their lives, but it’s not an easy task.  You have to have some serious follow-through, folks!  Have you seen Nicole’s monthly photo project over at Making it Lovely?  She really has vision and she follows through.  I love her blog and always click on it first when I open my google reader.  The woman is a serious pro blogger!

Let’s see…what else?  My childhood bestie, Kate, is coming home for a visit this month!  She and her husband live in Germany and she devotes time to her expat blog, reveling in the many wonderful European food options when she travels.  She’s going to have lots of stories to tell me when we see each other, for sure.

And one more tidbit!  I had my friend Erik cut my hair all off!  Remember my post about him?  Well, now we’re back in touch and it feels really good to talk to him again.